A Message

When the sky goes a dark hue and starts to thunder

And the ocean roars

Or when the clear sky reveals it’s dazzlying kitty of stars

And the trees sway in a fervour and the murmur of leaves is furious

You know there is a message in nature’s seemingly unintelligible monologue.

And refuge in its enormity.


Don’t judge a word by the way it sounds


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‘Bucolic’ has got to be one of the most beautiful words in my dictionary, for all that it captures and conjures. But it sounds so medical and unappealing! Much against its lovely meaning.


The Dictionary (Version 2.1.3 (80.4) gives me this:

“bucolic |byoōˈkälik|


of or relating to the pleasant aspects of the countryside and country life : the church is lovely for its bucolic setting.”


Clearly, just the way you don’t judge a book by its cover, you don’t judge a word by its phonetics!


Reading Matters


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I am glad to be part of an amazing book club. Amazing I say, because we are a very meticulous lot when it comes to the reading, discussions and stand clear of unwanted banter. Every reader has a unique perspective, a special intellectual quality, humour, wit an an attribute that is enriching. It is refreshing what each of the 12 members bring to the table.

Earlier this year, we read a book that was made into a movie ‘The Remains Of The Day’. I had already seen the movie before reading the book and it affected my objective read. I had a face to the character and an interpretation of the film-maker. The movie conjured up all the images, expressions and notions for me. Besides, I knew what was coming next.

This time around, when I host the book club meet at my home, it’s another book made into a movie- The Help. I saw the movie a couple of months ago. And yes I have everything conjured-up, but still I am making a conscious attempt at giving it an objective read.

I am immersed in the story – the book is written like a conversation, and has a melodic rhythm to it. Before I turn in each night, the voice of the protagonist starts running through my head. I love the sound of the African American Vernacular English (AAVE) mixed with the Southern dialects of American English in this book. It is warm, soothing and comforting.

The Wall

It’s been a project under hibernation, walking in my shadows and stealthily I’ve been putting it off.

But, it can’t wait anymore.

It is simple, nothing fancy or arduous. Nevertheless, a classic.

It’s all about adorning a wall with our favorite people and places, memories and episodes as we traverse through our journey in time and space.

Sifting through thousands of photographs, we reckon will be daunting.

But fulfilling, too.

The Wall beckons…




I like the kind of weekend…

I like the kind of weekend….

Where old doors are discovered amidst a verdant farm

And carts are seen resting in the wayside.

Where grandchildren pester and play in the porch of an ancestral home,

Out in the sun, beside the holy basil,

Over a watchful eye.

And a father and son farmer duo till the earth.

They pause and slip into answering random questions,

Welcoming a conversation from a city- dweller.

Their responses sound easy; weigh heavy with wisdom.

I like the kind of weekend

Where children are spotted exploring their curiosity,

Albeit with a playful and protective dog

Oh! the lovely kind of weekends,

Where a short drive gets you onto the countryside-

With music, family and a snack to munch on.

Blessed reflections

Just cause you’ve been there for someone whenever they need you

Does not at all mean they are going to stand by you when you need them.

They are not you, you not them.

What they seek from you, different from what you seek of them.

How you handle obstacles and their fortitude cannot be measured.

Relationships like life is dynamic- heard of change, anybody?

Besides its a complex world of fat egos, centered-ness in the self.

When there are so many changing factors how can a common outcome be expected?

Bitterness corrodes not only a relationship but also your very own heart making it heavy with negativity. Accepting people and situations and nipping expectations in the bud is liberating. It spells a deep inner strength that comes from a spiritual fibre.

Most importantly, these reactions and reflections is not what you can choose. But are bestowed by the Lord. It all comes back to prayer and surrender to the Prudence and Power of the Supreme.